Additional Healthcare Cover

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What is Additional Healthcare Cover useful for?

An insurance covering medical expenses covered or not by the social security system.

Additional health care cover complements the social security system

This is an optional insurance but highly important when minor or major health troubles occur.

A dedicated interlocutor to answer all your queries.

Why choose this insurance?

Optical and dental treatments are poorly refunded by the social security system, it is important to have an additional healthcare cover.

It is important to have a contract fitting your needs, contact our team to get some guidance on your options.

Prevention and natural medicines are emphasised by the additional healthcare covers, to highlight the importance of health.

Example 1

While eating, I broke one of my teeth, my dentist advises me to take an expensive treatment. Additional healthcare cover will allow me to access these treatments and therefore get back a healthy tooth.

Exemple 2

I have a cutaneous rash and my GP advises me to go to see a dermatologist. Thanks to my additional healthcare cover, I will be able to get a refund on the possible surcharges.

Exemple 3

I broke my leg and need surgery. My additional healthcare cover will be able to assist me with the fees related to hospitalisation, medicines, and recovery.

How does it work?

If I have given my social security card to my doctor, there is a remote transmission system between my social security system centre and my insurance company.

I can have a look at my total refunds related to the social security system on my ‘Ameli’ account, I will receive a refund slip from my additional healthcare cover.

In case of hospitalisation, you need to ask your additional healthcare cover to cover the costs, enabling you to avoid any advance of costs.

For any costs, which are not covered by the social security system, such as alternative medicines, you need to send the receipts to your additional healthcare cover.

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