Vehicle insurance

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What is this insurance useful for?

Vehicle insurance is compulsory even if the vehicle is not used.

It offers several guarantee formulas depending on the vehicle’s age.

It is valid in the countries mentioned on the “Carte Verte” (green card) and for a duration of 90 days.

This insurance covers the vehicle, driver, passengers and any other third parties when an accident occurs.

Why choose this insurance?

If you are driving a vehicle without being covered by any insurance, it is considered
as an infraction, with fine of up to 3750€ and a driving ban of several vehicle types for up to five years.

It covers material and corporal damages made to your and others’ vehicles, the roadside, yourself, your passengers and other third parties.

Most of the contracts cover excesses, sums which need to be paid by the insured and allow him to have reduced subscription fees. You can ask your insurer to modulate these excesses.

Example 1

While driving on a main road, a pebble hits my windscreen: I need to get my windscreen repaired. Depending on my contract, I will be able to make an appointment with a certified repairer and might have an excess to pay.

Exemple 2

I find my vehicle completely scratched: if I have previously subscribed to the vandalism guarantee, I will be able to file a complaint and the insurance will cover the repairs, previously valued by a valuer.

Exemple 3

I have an accident and damage a lamppost. I make a declaration to my insurer and depending on the subscribed guarantee, the insurance covers the lamppost’s damages and potentially my vehicle’s.

Which vehicles can I insure?

Bicycles and scooters


Four-wheel vehicles

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By phone from Monday to Friday 9am-12pm/2pm-6pm or by email

By phone from Monday to Friday 9am-12pm/2pm-6pm or by email